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Monday, February 13, 2012

More Music (My Chemical Romance)

Welcome to Monday everybody and today the band is My Chemical Romance. They are pretty emo and they remind me a little bit of Queen but that may just be the lead singers vocal stylings. I have only one of their albums called The Black Parade and it really feels like a concept album to me. It may sound funny to say but listening to them this morning has helped to clean the taste of the Grammys out of my mouth from last night. Though it was nice to see Adele win, the show itself was pretty lame and I am not convinced she needed or deserved to win album of the year. But anyway on the the vocal and rock operatic stylings of My Chemical Romance!!

"The End"

"The Sharpest Lives"

"Welcome To The Black Parade" This was the big hit off of this album and I really do like it. But, on a side note I am kind of a sucker for songs with marching band drums. I just can't help it.


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