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Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Music (No Doubt)

Good Thursday to everyone out there. Today the band is a band that I really enjoyed when they were at their heyday and I have heard that they are working on a new album. I am not sure if they will be going back to their ska roots or not with it. Some people have said that No Doubt and Gwen Stefani destroyed Ska. I do not think that is the case it isn't a bands fault if radio and the public latch on to a song or group and make it popular. The only band I think that would actively run away from such a thing is probably Fugazi and those guys are weird. So anyway lets give a listen to some early No Doubt and some of their more popular radio hits.

"Snakes" (Early, early stuff and not really much of a Ska sound at all.)

"Total Hate" (Early, early, early but this song has more of a Ska punk sound to it.)

"Just A Girl" (This song put them on the map. Now I could say that I am tired of it from listening to it so much. But that isn't the songs fault. It is a good pop Ska song and I totally can see why it made them famous.)

"Sunday Morning" (There are several very good songs on the Tragic Kingdom album. One interesting thing is that Gwen wrote most of this album while dealing with the breakup of her relationship with the band's bassist Tony Kanal. When this album broke big they toured all over the world playing breakup songs. I always felt kind of sorry for him.)((I also love Gwen's look in this video)

(End It On This)

"Hey Baby" (Their next album went a little more Reggae more Dancehall if you will. I liked it though)


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