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Friday, February 24, 2012

More Music (Queen)

What better way to end the work week on this lovely sunny Friday, at least in Oregon, then to listen to a little QUEEN. This will be hard for me to narrow down but I hope you enjoy what I pick. I think will be going chronologically as well.

"Great King Rat" from their first album titled simply Queen in 1973

"Ogre Battle" from Queen II in 1974. Brian May does some amazing guitar work on this one as he did on every song.

"Stone Cold Crazy" from SHEER HEART ATTACK also released in 1974.

"'39" from A Night At The Opera released in 1975. An amazing acoustic guitar number.

"The Millionaire Waltz" from A Day at the Races released in 1976 and about Elton Johns manager at the time.

That is it for now and I think that on Monday I will finish out the rest of their discography they are too good of a band to skip any album.
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