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Friday, February 17, 2012

More Music (Operation Ivy)

Happy Friday and lets get fired up for the long weekend. Not for me but I know some of you are getting an extra day off. Today the band is the third wave almost fourth wave Ska/Punk, also known as ska-core, called Operation Ivy. They existed for only two years 1987 to 89 and had one studio album and were amazing. Anything that any of them did or will do in the future pales in comparison to what Operation Ivy laid down. I am talking directly to you Tim Armstrong. The rest of you just shut up and listen.

"Take Warning"

"Sound System"


"Healthy Body"

and one more bonus one by the DESCENDENTS mainly because I am feeling all punk rock!!

"Everything Sucks"

Okay two songs, "I don't Want To Grow Up"

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