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Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Music (PJ Harvey)

Hey, hey, hey it is Thursday and today we get to listen to some PJ Harvey. I own three of her albums and they are all pretty good. She was part of that movement that I have talked about before in the early to mid 90's of female singers and bands that included Belly, and Tori Amos, and Liz Phair. I pretty much enjoyed them all and in fact I saw PJ Harvey and Veruca Salt and I think Belly in concert at the Salem Amphitheater. The show stands out for me because Grant and I were pulling the shoes off of crowd surfers and throwing them at the stage manager. It was a fun show. But enough about me lets get to the music.


"To Bring You My Love"

"Down By The Water" I believe that this was her biggest hit. Or at least the one that the studio pushed the most.

"Death is not the end" (Nick Cave and PJ Harvey and others)A Bob Dylan cover

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