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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

(Catchy Title) That Draws Attention To My Blog

It seems, more often then not, that once I write a blog post I spend just as much time trying to come up with some sort of catchy title that will get people to want to read my blog. But, I wonder how effective that really is or should I even care. I know that as far as labels go. That can have a difference as far what pops up on Google and the other search engines but it may still not translate to hits. It might mean that people pop in. But it for sure doesn't mean that they are going to take the time to read what I have posted. But, you can lead a horse to water. But, you can't make him drink. That is a universal truth. Or it may not be. I am not really sure actually. It is just something that I have heard people say.

Let's talk about music. As I was driving into the office (Broadway Coffeehouse) this morning I was thinking about my last post and the different bands and musicians that I had posted videos of, and I realized that I had not posted anything by one of the musicians that I most enjoy and that is Jack White. I just like how his music sounds and the fact that he seems totally unafraid to try new sounds and attempt new things with his music. So I think I am going to throw up a few videos from his numerous different projects. Enjoy them!

This song was in 'Napoleon Dynamite' but I like it anyway. Not the song above, but the song below.

I love the guitar in 'Jimmy the Exploder' but generally speaking I love how his guitar sounds in every song he plays.

 Along with the White Stripes he also played in a band called The Raconteurs and they did some amazing stuff as well. These are three songs that never fail to get my audio rocks off.
'Broken Boy Soldier'

'Old Enough'

'The Switch and the Spur'

After The Raconteurs he moved on to The Dead Weather. There is a little bit of overlap actually between all of these groups.

There you go. I hope you enjoy the tunes and maybe this will inspire you to buy some music.

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