Where Do My Readers Come From?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It is Tuesday and I am at the office (coffee shop). I am doing my usual drinking 1st my Americano and then my black coffee. To be clear it isn't always black, sometimes I add cream and Splenda to my coffee but never to my Americanos.  The other thing that I do is listen to or eavesdrop, if you well, on other customers orders.

What I do after that, concerns me a little bit. Because I often will hear someones order and then my brain makes some giant sweeping generalization about them. I mean this happens instantaneously. I can't seem to control it at all. I sit here and one part of my brain says, "Hey! You are being a jerk. You don't know that person at all. Just knock it off." Meanwhile the other part is going ahead and building a reason why those people are lame and are just worthy of my condescension.  I think my being aware of it is actually more frustrating to me then my actually doing it. It would just be easier to live a life of unawareness. Things are so much simpler when I am not second guessing myself and my motivations for my behavior.  But...I suspect, that if I was not this way then I would not be doing much blogging. Now I know some of you would say. "Good! We would all be better off." But, I don't think you would be. Think of the emptiness in your lives, if you didn't have me to dispense my nuggets of wisdom for your edification. It would be horrible for you. Actually more horrible for you then life already is. Just face it. I bring you great joy.

I have to be honest, I bring lots of people great joy. They love having me around. I think I either make their life look better  by comparison. (Wow! That blonde lady is tall and gorgeous!) Anyway, keep it together lance. Back to what I was saying...this is what happens when I am free writing. I sometimes totally lose my focus and I just did. I might have crossed the threshold where coffee becomes not so much a stimulant as a handicap because my brain is firing away and the wires are all crossed up. I should stop. But I can't! I will not and you can't make me!! COFFEE IS KING!!

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