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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday (Misc Thoughts Edition)

Today is going to be a good day and really there is only one reason why, at least for me, and that is because the pre-season MLS games are starting and MLS.com is going to be streaming them. My chosen squad and my local MLS team the Portland Timbers are starting off against the Colorado Rapids. I am looking forward to seeing what formation the team decides to play since they have a brand new coach and their have been a lot of player changes in the off season. I haven't agreed with all of the changes, but I also felt like the team needed to make some of those changes so I am interested in seeing how the team takes shapes as they move closer to their March 3rd season opener which is at home against the NY Redbulls.

That is really about it for today. I am up and moving and that is always a plus. So I will leave you with a couple of songs that always put a smile on my face and if my ear holes could be smiling then I am sure they would be also.

Three songs. So sue me. That last video is from the ABCFamily show called 'Bunheads' and if you were or a fan of 'The Gilmore Girls' then I would recommend you check this show out. It is available on, I believe, both Amazon Prime and Netflix streaming and shown on Monday nights at 9m west coast time. I was not a fan of 'Gilmore Girls' but I really enjoy 'Bunheads' and not because it has some cute girls doing ballet. I am not sure why I like it but I really do and I have never ever cared about dancing at all. The show just works for me. Check it out.

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