Where Do My Readers Come From?

Friday, October 23, 2009


Well it is Friday and we have made it through the week. I am looking forward to the weekend. A good friend of mine is turning 40 and I will be joining him and his family at the coast. Which is what I did last week as well. This is going to be an interesting year in that most of my friends are turning 40 and I will be doing the same. I think I have heard that 40 is the new 30 so I should be fine. Maybe I will get myself a new tattoo or a convertible. I actually doubt I will do either of those things but you never know I guess.

I do not have much to comment on today. The car ride was a little but unfun with the rain and the other cars driving like it wasn't raining. The radio was not very interesting this morning either. There was some talk about the Portland Beavers and the Portland Timbers and the trouble with finding a stadium for the Beavers to move to and how Beaverton is split in terms of wanting it or not wanting it. I am excited about the idea of the Timbers becoming a Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise but I could really care less about minor league baseball. I like sports and I like baseball but the Portland Beavers as a whole have never been very interesting to me.

While the idea of MLS coming to Portland excites me quite a bit. I know there are some mouth breathers out there who do not like soccer. So for them I say. Nuts to you and bite my tongue at them. I think the bottom line with soccer is either you get it or you do not. If you do not get it then there is no way to make someone get it. That being said all the cool kids love soccer!!
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