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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2-16-2010 (Fat Tuesday)

Hello again, Hello. Here we are it is Tuesday morning and we are heading further into the week. They mentioned on the television this morning that today was Fat Tuesday. That honestly does not mean a lot to me. I have never been a big Mardi Gras fan and I do not go to the church and get ashes daubed on my face on Ash Wednesday. It might be a bigger deal if I lived in Louisiana or had grown up Catholic but I am not sure. I would go so far as to say that it is one of the few things in life that I do not really have an opinion on either way. I think for some people it can really be a time of focus and concentration on faith and their life and for others it is a chance to have a huge party and just go nuts.

I went with my good friends to Roller Derby in Portland on Saturday night. I like Roller Derby and the Rose City Rollers
are starting their fifth season. But it just wasn't the same for me. I went to most of the bouts during the inaugural season and I absolutely loved it. This was a sport that really had been started by a group of women. They were not professionals they were playing because they loved playing. It wasn't about big contracts or advertising deals and they were out there having lots and lots of fun. So was the audience. They played loud music during the matches and during the halftime break they would have a show of some sort. One time it was a circus act with people doing rope work. Once it was an adult dodgeball league and I got hit in the face by a ball. It didn't matter it was fun. You could sit right on the edge of the track and the skaters would whip past you. Sometimes they would crash and could end up slamming into you. It didn't matter it was fun. That was the key, fun.

But after Saturday night I am not sure if it is fun any more. There are all kinds of new rules and at one point one team had less then half of their girls on the track. I spent more time watching the refs and trying to figure out what penalty was called then I did actually enjoying the bout. I know things change and as something becomes more mainstream the rules get manipulated to allow for different things. But I think this new batch of rules just slows the game down. There was no real flow to it and I am not a new watcher I have seen lots of matches and I understand how the game is played.

Maybe I am wrong and what is going on is going to be drawing in all kinds of new fans. But as for this one. I am not sure if I will return. Other then me being able to see my friends it was not a fun evening for me. The atmosphere was not the same. It was not the almost rock concert scene I remember. I just do not see it lasting much longer if this model continues. I hope I am wrong I really do.

You folks have a good day
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