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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2-24-2010 (Wednesday)

Good morning again folks and salutations to you. I hope this Wednesday finds you well. I wonder how many of you remember a movie from 1975 called "Doc Savage: Man of Bronze". I do and so do several of my friends. It is so interesting to me what will make you interested and what will stay with you years and years later. It isn't that the movie is high quality because believe me after looking at the trailer on You-tube yesterday it isn't I would say that the sets are probably at best 'Gilligan's Island' level quality sound stages.

But that isn't really the point. There are just things I remember from my youth that have stuck with me for my whole life. They exist in some sort of hallowed space inside my psyche that makes them the coolest thing ever. Well to be honest the coolest thing ever until I decide "Oh! That was cool I should watch it again." That invariably turns out to be a bad idea and what I thought was the coolest thing ever is usually some sort of hackneyed crap that is low budget and has some bad, bad, bad, scripts and plot lines. But as a kid I loved it. There was a channel then called KPTV 12 and this was before cable and satellite television and I think we had 5 channels at most. Along with reruns of 'Perry Mason', which is still awesome by the way, they showed an afternoon movie from 1 until 3 and then the reruns of the sitcoms would start. But I will get lost in the memory of those sitcoms if I go down that path. That is best left for another day.

But I remember watching these different films and just loving them. There were sometimes Tarzan movies which were always a favorite. My brother and I had a couple of rubber knives and we would reenact the movie fight scenes, that usually took place in water, on family camping trips.

Now this is a classic fight but it pales in comparison to the fight that I am going to show you next. This fight, brought to my attention by my good friend Travis is the finest example that I have seen of what he likes to call Kirk-Fu and I can't argue with that. So here it is and please enjoy it.

The 'Tarzan' fight scene above stars Ron Ely who also played 'Doc Savage'. He was a good 'Tarzan' but he was no Mike Henry. I think Mike Henry was the best 'Tarzan' ever. So what about you gentle readers is there a film from the past that you have fond memories of? Or perhaps a classic television show? Please let me know I would love to hear about it.
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