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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Music (Lady Gaga)

I know that some of my readers can't stand her. But I actually enjoy her music. Not always and not everyday but there are times when I like to listen to dance music and she works for me. I also think that minus all of the sonic affects and visual craziness she has a really good voice and plays the piano very well. I am still not sure how much is stage craft and how much is her but that really doesn't matter. That being said. You are only getting a couple of videos and they will be live ones because her videos are already all over YouTube.

"Born This Way" (Live on SNL)

"Judas (Live on SNL)"

This is a parody of "Bad Romance" and I found it actually pretty amusing. It is by a group called The Key of Awesome! there is a little bit of profanity so put those ear buds in kids.

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