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Monday, January 23, 2012

More Music (Who wants a Kiss)

We are back at it and on this Monday morning the band that is kick starting the day is Kiss. This is the last band in the K's on my list and I have their first 4 albums and even though I am sure that Gene Simmons would sell his mother for a quick buck I really enjoy the music on these four. Kiss, Dressed To Kill, Destroyer, Love Gun are all solid rock and roll albums and they have some really good guitar and bass work in them as well. Kiss was just a solid band and the excelled at writing radio friendly songs especially in terms of time of songs. So any here you go..."The baddest band in the land!! KISSS!!!


"Black Diamond"

"Rock Bottom"

"Rock N Roll All Night"

"God of Thunder" One of my favorite Kiss songs

"Beth" There are 4 or 5 amazing songs from Destroyer it is probably my favorite Kiss album.

"Christine Sixteen" I might be wrong but I think this song is about sex. I am not sure though.

"Plaster Caster" This is from Kiss Unplugged which was on MTV and is actually really a good concert.

I guess I like this band more then I thought I did. I hope at least some of you enjoy the music.
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