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Monday, January 30, 2012

More Music (Led Zeppelin)

It is Monday and lets get the Led out. I like Led Zeppelin. I go in streaks where I listen to them a lot and sometimes I go months without hearing a song but when I do either in a movie or on the radio or when a friend plays them. I immediately remember why I enjoy them. Now I could throw up probably 30 songs. But I think I am just going to do three videos and they most likely be live ones. I have their entire discography. But I think I am just going to pick some that mean something to me on a more personal level.

"Immigrant Song" I listened to this song so much in high school on my Walkman. Yes I am that old. I flat wore this tape out.

"Misty Mountain Hop"

"Good Times Bad Times" This song, from the opening guitar and the drum beats signified an amazing new band and it was awesome.

I am going to give you one more song from Led Zeppelin III. The main reason being that for me I think III was their best album. I have probably linked this song more then any other song to various things but I love the song. It is "Broy-Y-Aur Stomp" and this version from the Earl's Court concert in 1975 is amazing.

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