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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tuesday Tunes

Tunes on a Tuesday for you my loyal readers. Let us see what the Google Music machine creates for us today shall we.

World Go 'Round - No Doubt

This is a band that I have fond feelings for. The album Tragic Kingdom is one of my favorites between the songs and the that the majority of the songs are about Gwen Stefani's break up with the bands bassist there is an irony that just amuses me. This is not one of their hits but it is actually a pretty solid number.

Trip Through Your Wires - U2

It amuses me that this band was once considered alternative by the radio people. Though I guess it is pretty cool to go from that to being considered one of the biggest bands in the whole world and totally mainstream. All that aside. I genuinely enjoy their music.

The Only Way To Be - Save Ferris

There are not a lot of ska bands with female singers. This is one of them and like No Doubt they are very enjoyable to listen too. I think Monique Powell has a great voice. The just itself had some MTV action and a little bit of radio but never seemed to be able to break through. I enjoy their music.

Dumpweed - Blink 182

In my mind this was probably the best Blink 182 album. There are probably people who would disagree with me but I think this came at a time when they were still excited about playing music and still writing songs that were personal to them.

Perfect Stranger - Dropkick Murphys

This is a perfect example of a band that I do not really care for. Though I have met their lead singer when Flogging Molly opened for them and he was a very nice man. I think it is more their fan base or what I perceive as their fan base that bugs me. I suppose I shouldn't let that stop me from liking their music but it does.

I hope you enjoyed the music today. Have a great one folks. 
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