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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Wild Wednesday

Let us keep the music rolling shall we. I am interested to find out if there is some sort of theme that pops up today.

Angel Dream (no.2) - Tom Petty

This is an artist that I did not give nearly enough credit to when he was considered "popular" but the more that I listen to his stuff now the better I find it. The album that this song is from in particular is very good.

Love Song - Pink

As I have grown older I have embraced my enjoyment of pop music and female pop singers. Actually I have embraced my love of music in general, all types of music. Pink is an artist that is problematic for me. I really do like some of her songs but overall she has more misses then hits for me.

Traces - Dennis Yost and The Classics

This is a pretty maudlin song and is pretty much a good example of some of the stuff that was pretty popular in the 70's. It isn't the worst song ever but I bet some people would say that it comes pretty close.

Waggy - Blink 182

Another one from Blink that is actually a pretty cool song when not performed live. I think it is a very solid pop-punk song. The main guitar riff is a little bit Black Sabbath and I enjoy that.

Angel Island - Peter Rowan/Tony Rice

Classic kind of country bluegrass number. Very muted and subdued, I really like it.

Nothing really stands out today. I hope it is a good one for you and remember we are all just humans trying keep it together in this crazy life. Take care of each other okay.

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