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Friday, November 01, 2013

Friday the 1st of Nov

Up and at it early today, is a good thing. I decided I am going to try to work through the music library again but using the musical genre options that Google Music has allowed me. I think that could create an interesting mix of music to hear. So the first genre is ACOUSTIC.

Dallas Green - Like Knives

I like Dallas Green. He has done some solo work and some work as "City and Color" which pretty much sounds like the Dallas Green solo stuff. I enjoy the mellowness of it as well as the depth of the lyrical content. That for me is often more important then the actual music. But not always.

Dallas Green - Sometimes I Wish

Well right off the bat, we have back to back Dallas Green songs. This is one of my favorite of his songs actually, because don't we all at times wish for life to have been a little different. Are any of us totally satisfied and have no desire for change at all? I don't think we are. I think it is pretty fluid and there are times where we are happy with how things are and other times when we wish desperately for some kind of change. I know that, for me, at least that is the truth. It is my truth and I wouldn't force it on others and I have found a way to be comfortable with that aspect of my self and for sure there are times when I am very much satisfied.

City and Colour - Day Old Hate

So while this technically isn't Dallas Green this is his group. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by this. There is some kind of logic to the Google Music programming that makes no sense to me. I believe that I have a large amount of acoustic music in my collection but I wonder if we are going to get to hear anything else. I do know that if I was using Spotify I would be hearing all kinds of different things but they would not be bands that I own and I would rather bring you a look at the music the resides in my collection.

Okay I jumped genres because that was going to be nothing but City and Colour and I just can't do it. So we are now residing in the ALTERNATIVE genre and that should be a much better mix of things. At least as far as I am concerned and since this is my blog. I spake it and it is made so.

New Church - Lords of the New Church

Nice...right off of the bat and we are into some of the goth music that I like. So I am very happy about the switch. I actually like goth music a lot. It isn't something that I listen to all of the time but when I do I always enjoy it and there are times when I really do seek it out to listen to.

Rolling By - Big Scary

I honestly have never heard this song before. I didn't even know it was in my collection. But wow, talk about a sad, sad and lovely song. So good.This is a song that I could easily find myself sitting and listening to and even crying a little bit because I am just that kind of guy. They are called emotions people and those of us who have a soul get affected by nice and lovely and beautiful things. It does not make me less of a man then the next man. So get over your old and out of touch ideas of masculinity and understand that things are different then when grampa was cutting maple trees for syrup.

Five Iron Frenzy - Milestone

Nice! I always like a little bit of Christian 3rd wave ska and any type of ska just makes me bounce in my seat and brings a smile to my face. If I were a DR I would recommend a serving of Ska everyday to keep a smile on your face. There is just something about it that I really do enjoy.

Todd Rundgren - A Dream Goes on Forever

This is a nice song to end things on. Have a good Friday folks. I hope people get to do some relaxing this weekend.

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