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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

80's Wednesday

Thanks to a good friend named Joel throwing up the Dexy's Midnight Runners classic "Come On Eileen" this morning on Facebook I have decided to give you guys a little trip through the 80's and mainly the new wave music of the 80's. This is a type of music that really is one of my favorite eras of music. I just pretty much always enjoy it and some of the songs like the aforementioned "Come On Eileen" never fail to put a smile on my face. So I suppose it would be messed up if I didn't start us off with that song.

Come On Eileen - Dexy's Midnight Runners

That song was the bands biggest hit but they were pretty talented overall I think. They were thought of as a New Wave and Northern Soul band and that was a type of music that didn't get all that much radio play. But there was some cool stuff.

Johnny on the Monorail - The Buggles

I know nothing about this band and I suppose that I should. but, I do know that I really like this song. It seems to hit a lot of the typical notes that this kind of music usually had. It reminds me of the Boomtown Rats song "I Don't Like Mondays" I am honestly not sure which song came first so I may be comitting some sort of horrible mistake by making that comparison.

Souvenir - OMD

This is another band that I do not think that I have really listened to all that much. I think that most of my listening to the New Wave stuff was pretty limited by the radio in my town. So it is nice to have Spotify, in this case, to bring me some things that I haven't really listened to before.

Glass Spider - David Bowie

Now this is interesting because I am almost positive that this album came out in the late 90's but perhaps I am wrong. I was wrong the album came out in 1987. I like Bowie and therefor I like this song. It really doesn't matter if radio or the ignorant mouth breathers didn't like it or not. Bowie is transcendent and always will be. BOWIE 4 EVA!!! 

Well this was interesting. When I decided to do this, I expected it to be a little more of the new wave that I think of when I think of new wave but I liked what popped on the random. I will have to try this again some other time and see if I am surprised again.

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