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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Big Bang Theory Redux

So I am just finishing up season 3 of Big Bang Theory and as I mentioned earlier I am going to be revisiting the show. I am still a little skeptical as to the premise of the show. But I can see why people enjoy it. That isn't to say that I think it is a quality show. Because I do not.

I still feel that while the interactions of the characters have changed with the introduction of the female characters. The show is still a pretty typical sitcom. There are no real surprises. You could see that Leonard was going to wreck his relationship with Penny. So when it happened it was not a surprise or particularly sad. It just happened. I think part of the problem is that I do not find Leonard a particularly likable character. He hurts the show for me.

I think that the show works for me when I have it playing in the background and am reading a book or playing a video game. It doesn't need my full attention. It just rumbles along and every now and then I get a chuckle or perhaps an awwwww moment. There might be a nerd specific guest star to gain a little media attention. "Oh look!! There is Stan Lee." But there is nothing greater involved with it. There is no deeper meaning there is no overall story arc that is being told. That is fine. There doesn't need to be a far greater concept in everything. But in my honest opinion that is what I like. I like there to be something deeper to what I watch. It can be a horribly made and acted show and if there is some sort of deeper mystery at the core of it I will watch it.

What I find most upsetting is that the shows that I like most. Those shows get canceled far earlier then the shows that I don't like.That just means that I like things that the rest of the world is just not cool enough to really appreciate. Yep. That has got to be it. My tastes are just to refined for the tastes of the common man.

I always knew that I was special. I have always had a taste for things of higher quality am really able to get the most out of the most subtle of flavors and of entertainments. I just generally operate at a higher level then the common peoples around me. It is hard I must admit that I am so much better then you my readers but that is the sad truth.

Now, I do not expect this realization to change things between us. I still imagine that you will come to me for enlightenment and honestly who else would you go to. The wisdom I impart is far greater then anything you are going to get anywhere else. So feel free to donate to the landrewc Wisdom Fund so that the insights can continue.

Have a good day and be well.
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