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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

I realize that I am supposed to be writing something today. But so far nothing is springing to mind. I am not feeling inspired by my disgust with a television show or an actor. There does not appear to be a film coming out soon that I have not already highlighted in some form or the other.

I am actually bored of writing about politics. While I firmly believe that we need to vote and that we need to stay informed. It really is feeling to me like what is going on in politics is just more of the same old same old. The hard core believers on the right or the left continue to get worked up about different bills and potential laws and meanwhile nothing really changes. We have had a "liberal" Democrat as President now since Jan 20th 2009. The way gun and ammunition sales spiked after he won you would have that that the world was coming to an end. Well it is 2011 and we still seem to be cranking along.

During his inaugural speech President Obama said this"

"It’s been a long time coming, but tonight, because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment, change has come to America."

Really? Has that happened? Honestly? Has change come to America? Things do not look all that different to me. Oh wait, wait, Osama bin Laden is dead!! So I suppose that makes up for the last two years of business as usual in Washington. I think more and more that it doesn't matter in America who the President is. The people who have most if not all of the power are the people in Congress. I know that I made the same argument when Bush was in office and I really feel like after seeing these last two years of lots of noise and people getting so angry that it just doesn't seem to matter.

My life has not changed politically at all. I have conservative friends worried about things. I have liberal friends worried about things. But, nothing is that different. We are still in armed conflicts around the world, people still need jobs, and lots and lots of people get sick and die who probably could be saved if they had access to some kind of affordable medical care. These are things that have been the same in America for the last 5 Presidents or longer. All that has changed is the political party that the people can complain about and that most of the time feels like a change in name only.

So there you go. A little taste of cynical Lance today. I think I am getting a cold and that maybe what is causing all of the angst.

"Awwww thanks Dr Kat but I do not think I need a prescription for Valium". Lance said as he lay back on the couch. "Do I look like a housewife from the sixties?"
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