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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

T is for Tuesday

Today is Tuesday, Tuesday!! It is the day before hump day and the day after the dreaded Monday. I think it is really kind of an unsung day. We are not at the middle of the week and it isn't the first day of the week so most of us have recovered from the weekends festivities and the Monday hangover has subsided. I bet more actual work gets done on a Tuesday then on any other day of the week. Now, granted, I have no real data to back up that claim. But when have I ever let something like that stop me? That is right I never have. My gut is telling me that Tuesday is the most productive work day of the week and I am sticking with my gut. I am so confident of this in fact that I am not going to bother even looking up evidence to back up my claim. I know I don't need to.

T is also for Thor because the premier of the new movie is in three days. I normally would not really care about yet another comic being made into a movie but what interests me is that this film is being directed by Kenneth Branagh. I realize that some may disagree but I think having Branagh as a director gives real weight to this movie. I know that is has been a while since he has directed anything but I absolutely love what he did with Henry V. I also really liked his version of Frankenstein, So, with that being said, I have reservations because I have no idea what the story is like or anything like that for the film but I like the director and I am looking forward to seeing what it looks like and how it translates to the screen.

Have a good day folks. I hope you are enjoying the ride and remember rich or poor, powerful or weak, it is all the same. None of us are getting out of here alive. So lets just enjoy the journey okay.

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