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Monday, May 16, 2011

Music Monday

Sorry about Friday folks. When Blogger hiccuped in the morning I didn't get to writing and then I just never got back on so I failed in my quest to keep the streak alive. So today begins a new quest.

Since it is Monday lets get it started with the top 5 songs in no particular order of effectiveness that make Lance cry at least 60% of the time or more whenever he listens to them.

No 5.

Not much to say about this song. Those who know, they already know why this song is a little kick in the guts for me. It is worse because it really is a lovely song and I am not a fan of the new modern country.

No 4.

I first heard this song on the "Shrek" soundtrack and really enjoyed it then. I have heard many versions but this one just works so well for me. I am not sure if it is her voice or the other singers but it is just a great version.

No 3.

As usual a great song from Ben Folds but I am pretty sure that he isn't singing this about me. He is probably singing it about you guys.

No 4.

This band!! I just. It feels like every song is just so good. I know that some people feel like it is hipster music but I think it is far better and deeper then that.

No 5.

Not much to say about this one. He took away from Tent Reznor and made it his own. I love this version so much.
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