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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Music Monday May 2nd

I like to listen to music. I realize I have talked about that before but I was thinking about guitar solos that I have enjoyed and I thought I would share some of those solos with you. You want to hear them? Here they go.

WAIT!! WAIT!! Change of plans. I am going with songs named after women. Some of these will be women I know some will not and there is no personal order of preference involved. I may do songs with guys names next week I am not sure. But if your name isn't here it is probably because no one has used it in a song title not because I dislike you or anything like that. The world doesn't revolve around you so get over it.

Jessica by the Allman Brothers is an absolute classic and has some amazing guitar playing by Dickie Betts I believe. One of my favorite songs to close my eyes and just zone out to. I like the piano as well.

Beth by Kiss is a hard rock classic. It is a little hair metal but it actually is a pretty good song.

This is a song I have never heard before I thought I had seen the Woodstock DVD. I really like it.

Ahh yes the smooth, smooth, country sounds of the Pure Prairie League.

Another clip from Woodstock but this is the 99 version a little Alison by Elvis Costello. This is another song that I really like but I like most of the music by Mr. Costello

I admit I like some pretty sappy music but I am not going to be ashamed of it. I like this song. Aubrey by Bread.

I love, love, love Iggy Pop. This song works for me in so many ways and it has the lovely Kate Pierson and that is always a plus.

Brandy!!! You know your a fine girl. What a nice song about sailors who are in love with the local bartender.

I would be remiss if I did not close this out some classic heavy metal. So here we go with a little King Diamond from 1987 "Abigail" I am pretty sure that most of you are not even going to like this. I DO NOT CARE!!! \m/ \m/

I tried to find the a modern song that had the name of a girl in the tile and the only one I could find in Billboards Top 100 list was Akon and the song Angel. It is an example of the horrible autotuning that is going in todays music. Here you go.


Thus ends your Music Monday for May 2nd 2011
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