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Friday, January 22, 2010

1-22-23 (Friday)

Good morning America. Say hello to our new corporate masters!! Yesterday in a 5 to 4 vote the United Stats Supreme Court ruled that there are now no spending limits on how much money a corporation can spend on or for a political campaign or candidate. To put this in different terms. If a company like Nike wanted George H. W. Obama III to be in office they could, in the past, give him a limited amount of money or open a PAC (Political Action Committee) that they could use to raise money and to funnel money through. Now with the new Supreme Court ruling Nike could spend say a billion dollars to run commercials or buy blocks of advertising. Really with no limits to the shape it could take. While it is true that they can't give the money directly to the candidate this still concerns me.

The reason it concerns me is that humans are lame. We are not pleasant people, sure some of us are but allow me the generalization, at our core humans tend to look out for number one. I am already in low opinion of most politicians to begin with. What this ruling means that the pressure a politician may already feel to rule in favor of a financial supporter may be magnified ten or even one hundred fold. In my personal life if someone gives me money for something even if it is a gift for a holiday I tend to feel like I need to give them the benefit of a listen if they have a suggestion as to how I might spend it.

So how is politician supposed to not listen and even do what a corporation asks or tells him to do when they say 'hey pal, we spend x millions of dollars to get you elected. If you do not we will spend it on your opponent in the next cycle.' I just do not see a good outcome for this. I think it will make the public more cynical of the whole process and make politicians more corrupt if that is even possible.

Maybe I am wrong and if a reader can explain to me why. Then by all means please do so. I would love to hear it.
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