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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tuesday, 1-5-2010

Good morning folks. I hope the day is treating you well so far. I heard something interesting on the radio this morning about the Democratic party here in Oregon. It was a piece they did about a meeting that the Democrats had concerning delegates and the so called super delegates.

The basic idea is that the National Democratic party wants to strip the Super Delegates power. They would prefer that the delegates vote how the people in the party voted. I myself have no problem with that. I think if we as a country are going to give, at least, lip service to the idea that everyone has a vote then the elections need to be decided by popular vote and not by the choice a political insider makes. Sure, there may be times when the majority of the populace make a bad decision. But, since we have a system in place that ensures multiple elections as well as limits to the time spent in office things tend to even themselves out.

The head of the Oregon Democratic party mentioned that rather then take the powers of the Super Delegate away why not have the primaries for each state take place during the same month. I like that idea and in fact I would further argue that it should all take place in the same day. The way things stand now with the different primaries taking place months and months apart and this frenzy of television shows detailing the race for President does not benefit any of us.

Well, it benefits the networks as far as ratings and selling ad time but the normal person it does not help. I would go so far as to say that it also affects how people vote because as they see if their particular candidate of choice is slipping in the race they may switch their vote to the best opponent or who they think may be the ultimate winner so they do not feel like their vote is for naught.

I also think that having the elections on the same day would also clean up the advertising that is all over the airwaves as well. I get so tired of seeing and hearing the same commercials over and over again.

I know we are a long way away from the next round of elections but since I write whatever comes to mind this is what you guys get. So deal with it.
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