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Monday, January 11, 2010

Jan 11, 2010, Monday

Happy Monday everyone!! Whenever I say that it reminds me of the film 'Office Space'. That is a film I enjoy quite a bit. But I didn't come here today to talk about films or politics or even theology. I came here to address something that occurred to me yesterday.

I moved yesterday into yet another new place. This is a better place, newer and actual insulation in the walls and air conditioning. But, the process of moving was a hard one for me. I can already tell that I am going to be more comfortable in the new place. I am living with a good friend of mine and he and I seem to get along, we have lived together before and that worked out pretty good if you discount the chicken grease on the remote control incident, as well as the steak left in the oven incident. I shall speak no more of these.

But I wanted to touch on friends and there existence in all of our worlds. My life has been really in an upheaval lately as several of you know. Well I realized yesterday as my friend Chad made several trips with me back and forth to the new place. This is the easily the third or forth time that he has helped me move as well as helped me just in my daily life of living. I have known him since grade school and he has been with me through thick and thin. I owe him so much that it is hard for me to add them up.

The other guy I wanted to say by name is my friend Travis. I have known Travis since high school and have worked with him and for him in several different capacities. I have always found him to be both fair and understanding in the work environment yet still be able to just be friends outside of the office. He is whom I am working for now and I really enjoy what I do. What I realized this weekend as I looked at the boxes of books and DVD s and other assorted detritus that my ex-wife dropped off for me. I realized that if it were not for Travis and this job that he reached out to me with I would not have survived this whole mess. I do not say this to be melodramatic or to ask for people to explain to me the value of my life. I understand all of that.

But, the simple reality is that what this job and my friendships with others has done is allow me to land on my feet. It has allowed me to continue moving forward and to do something that I find interesting and sometimes exciting. If I had not been working I am not sure what would have become of me. That is the truth. There would not have been a reason to get up each day. A reason to keep moving forward and to keep looking into the future. My life changed and it changed in a dramatic way that I did not want it to. It is still changing and each day brings new challenges and new things to adjust to. But I realize that I can do those things with the help of my friends.

There are a myriad of other friends who will feel left out if I do not mention them. Nick, and Joel and Dean and Christopher come to mind as well as my friend Anthony who reached out to me and helped me move forward. I do not have time to address all that these have done for me. But, Joel I am sorry I left my water bed in your basement. I am not sure what I was thinking.

I just remembered that there are several woman in my life who have helped me along the way and I meant to include them in this overall tribute. I am by no means a woman hater despite the divorce. That is a side issue that is as much my fault or all of my fault then hers. Woman are not the root of all that is evil. I find that they smell nice and are easier to look then men. But, lately the most consistent woman in my life has been Chads wife Cassy. I know she has put up with a lot from me over the years and I really am thankful for her and her presence in my life.

But all of this is to say to people please remember your friends. Because even if they do not always tell you or show you that your presence in their lives changes things it really does. So call them, send them a note, text them, or email but make contact and say thank you.
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