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Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Well, well, well. Here we are folks Jan 4th 2010. I think I am going to pronounce it "twenty-ten". I just like the way that sounds.

Lets see what is new for me this year or for this upcoming year. On the social and emotional level I will still be recovering from the divorce and hopefully that will involve copious amounts of controlled substances as well as strippers. I turned 40 so I figure why not go out in a blaze of drugs and alcohol and physical abuse.

I also purchased a blue tooth ear thing yesterday. I drive at minimum an hour or more a day and longer if I drive all the way to the office. I have held off from purchasing such a device for a while because I do not get that many phone calls in the car. But with the new law in Oregon making it illegal to talk or text while driving I figured I better get one just in case I do get a call. The fine is $174.00 which does not seem to excessive to me. The danger that talking and driving causes is, I believe, akin to that of the drunk driver. Now they put some exceptions in the law for those who use the their phone for work like tow truck drivers and delivery drivers but I am not sure why they did. Those folks can use a hands free device just like everyone else does and it is not hard to do.

All that aside I think this is going to be an interesting year. I think the paranoia will rise concerning 2012 and if that will mean the end of time. I think that the Conservatives will continue to follow Beck and Palin and their actions will make the political world an interesting one as we build toward the next Presidential election. I in fact am going to go ahead and put this out there. I do not think that President Obama is going to be elected to a second term. I think that the damage that the economy is in as well was what some people feel is his failure to follow through on his plans for 'change' because lets face it. It is still business as usual in Washington. So we will see but I would be surprised if he gets a second term.

So what about you fellers? Any thoughts for the new year?
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