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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1-26-10 (Tuesday)

Well I took a side trip last night on my way home from Beaverton and stopped into the Comcast office to pick up my new HD/DVR box for the new television. That was an eye opener. I had decided to pick up my box under the mistaken assumption that it would be faster...it was not. It was much like going to the DMV. I walked in the office at about 4:45 or so and there was a line of people along every open wall space as well as every chair except one being full. After that initial shock I noticed that I needed to take a number from the number machine. But it wasn't that simple. I had to choose what I was there for since it seems each of the six windows were for a different function. I choose equipment pickup/drop off and it was time to take a seat.

It was at that point that I noticed my number was T405 and the numbers on the board were T495. I begin to get nervous. Had I taken the wrong number? All of these people couldn't be here for equipment could they? How embarrassing was this going to be for me? But at the T499 mark the numbers flipped over to T400 and I breathed a sigh of relief. It had been all I could do to not go get another number. That kind of momentary panic is pretty common for me as is the follow up worry about am I going to look foolish or be embarrassed in front of people who do not know who I am.

It is funny to me that I worry about that. Because anyone who knows me can tell you that if I am around a group of people who do know me I am not afraid to look foolish if I can make people laugh. It isn't like I am some sort of smooth James Bondian fellow anyway. I can be clumsy. I have fallen over in public several time and usually because I stepped on uneven sidewalk. But I survived the experience and now have HD at home and let me tell you. I realize I am a little late coming to the HD party but wow! I am even more looking forward to the Olympics and the Super Bowl then I was before.

That is all for today. I hope you voted if you live in Oregon. You still have time to get out there and drop it off. Tomorrow should be interesting as the results begin to come in.
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