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Friday, April 12, 2013

Orange and Red

There are two bands that I have been introduced to in the last year that I absolutely love. I love sitting down in my chair throwing on the headphones and letting them rip and they are two great tastes that go great together. One band is from Portland Oregon and they are called Red Fang the other is from the UK and are called Orange Goblin. Basically all I can say is that I hope you enjoy the rockin, because I am about to blow your doors off.

Shine - Orange Goblin - One of the things that I love about Orange Goblin is how their music can change so much from song to song and even during the song itself. I love how in some songs they can sound like early Black Sabbath. 

Prehistoric Dog - Red Fang

Jesus Beater - Orange Goblin

Dirt Wizard - Red Fang

Death of Aquarius - Orange Goblin

That is all for today, but something tells me that you guys are going to be hearing and seeing more and more of Orange Goblin from me. These guys are just bringing the metal so hard and it kind of blows my mind that after rocking so hard for 10 years they are not more popular. As I go I leave you with this!


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