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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Random Music Tuesday

Well it looks like you guys are able to see the videos at least, so lets keep it going.

Complainted'vn Matelot Mourant - The Avett Bro - What a lovely somber song and I believe that the english translation is "Lament of a Dying Sailor" I highly recommend listening to this with some headphones on to fully enjoy the experience.

Just a Little Heat - Black Keys - Feel the grungy blues it makes me think of the film 'Crossroads' with Ralph Macchio and Jaime Gertz. I enjoy everything that the Black Keys do. I also always find it impressive that it is just a duo and they put out such a great wall of sound.

To Be Myself Completely - Belle and Sebastian - This song is speaking to me right now in a way that I really do not want to think about. I do not want to dive into that introspective spiral. It is enough for me to tell you that I love this song and the lyrics say a lot.

Mambo (Dreaming of 4000) - ELO - Oh ELO! I love you and your disco-prog rock sound. You have brought me so much musical joy over the years.

Dan's Silverleaf - The Middle East - I like these. I only have this one album but every time I hear it I enjoy it. I feel like there is a real depth to it and it always bears repeated listening with headphones on to be able to fully get the sound.

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