Where Do My Readers Come From?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I am going to try to listen to some stuff today that puts a smile on my face. I guess I may as well fake it until I can trick myself into thinking that everything is fine.

There is really something about Bluegrass and Gospel music that does sooth me. I really can't pin it down but there is something about it that I really enjoy. I find it both calming and energizing in an odd way.

You Plant Your Fields - New Grass Revival

I really like that song. I always have. But I really, really like it right now. Because this feels like winter it really does. Things feel very barren to me and the ground does not feel fertile.

Quadrophenia was a film that both Eric and I enjoyed a lot and I see a lot of Eric in the Jimmy character as well as myself.

I know Eric loved riding motorcycles but I think he would have also loved riding a scooter and flying around in the wind and the rain.

I will keep listening to your song Eric. It is all around me in the wind and the rain and the way the ocean laps against the shore. I must remember. I will always remember. I love you brother. 
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