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Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday, Monday

I am not a morning person and when I wake up and then let myself fall back to sleep it is not a recipe for a good morning. I also like to be by myself in the morning. It isn't that I am anti-social it is that I just like to be alone in the morning for several hours as the coffee starts to work it's magic in my blood and my brain begins to ramp up to its full speed. . I am pretty successful at making this happen on a consistent basis. So you would think I could handle it now and than when it doesn't work out this way.

Society's Child (I've Been Thinking) - Janis Ian

A classic song about a young couple in love. The twist is that Janis Ian was 13 and the song was about an interracial couple. 

But today was a day where it didn't work out and I am grumpy. I am grumpy for basically no reason at all. The morning did not go as I had planned despite my desire to not plan things and to live in the moment. The truth is that I do have a routine within my life of no routine that I have, it seems, grown to depend on. Which I think kind of sucks. Who knew? I suppose I did but I just didn't want to admit it to myself.

Spring Dance - Korpiklaani

This is a folk metal band from Finland this is their version of a classic instrumental number. I love it. 

On the plus side I think it is probably good for me to be reminded that I do not have things figured out and that I am as prone as anybody else when it comes to making plans and assuming that those plans are going to happen without any disruption. I think it is a a good reminder at least for myself that these plans can happen even when I have not or have not realized that I have actively been making these plans. As far as I knew I did not have any expectations for this morning. Today is the day that that President's Day is celebrated but basically everyday is a day off for me so that is not an issue.

Still in Love With You - Trampled By Turtles

You may be tired of this song or this band but the music player picked them and I am playing them. Also I am not tired of them at all. I love this band and always enjoying listening to them. So get over it and enjoy the music. 

As far as Presidents Day goes or I have been told that under the federal code the official name for the holiday is Washington's Birthday and not Presidents Day. I have no idea why it has become known as Presidents Day but I suspect that some fancy ad man at some point figured out that was easier to get people to go to a Presidents Day sale than a Washingtons Day sale. I do not know or really care to be honest. The most I do on a day like today is take a moment and think of all of our Presidents over the years in the United States, some good and some bad, but all had a place in shaping the country.

The Voice Within - Christine Aguilera

I do not listen to her much and generally I do not care for her stylistic choices but when she chooses to do a song like this I am reminded that she can really, actually sing and has a surprisingly large range. I do not think that it is great music but she is a powerful singer. 

I just do not see a need to take this day and use it as something to complain about. Though as I look around the internet this morning it seems to be that most websites are taking that route and it is just not worth it to me to dwell upon that negativity. I do not need it in my life.

Mistake - Danny Ellfman

The film "The Next Three Days" wasn't anything special. But this song is amazing as far as I am concerned. But I love basically all that Danny Elfman has done from Oingo Boingo to his latest film scores. 

I hope today is a good day off for those of you who have it off and those of you who don't I hope the days goes smoothly at least. Keep on remembering each others humanity and loving each other.

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