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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Tuesday Tunes

Are Tuesdays supposed to be worse than Mondays? I am feeling groggy this morning. Really feeling like I am having a hard time getting things going.

Lightning's Hand - Kansas

American prog rock at its best and a band that has a far bigger discography then you would think if you only listened to their radio hits. Give them a look. 

My brain seems to be pretty blank today. I just finished watching a surfing film about three girls from Australia called First Love. I think that if I had kids and for daughters I would want them to watch this film. I watched it on Netflix streaming but there several other options and the website details them all. It is well worth a look. First Love

Brown Eyed Woman - Grateful Dead (Europe 72)

This is a great song from an overall great live performance. The Dead are a far better band then you thought they were. Look beyond the hippies and the drugs and really listen to the music. I think you will not be disappointed.  

I miss riding my skateboard. In high school from about 10th grade to the end of my senior year I rode my board to school everyday. I wasn't any kind of good as far as I am concerned but I always had fun and I always enjoyed the act of just cruising along. It was, for me, more about the act of riding along and going up hills and down them and carving around sometimes sliding along curbs. I only ever ollied once.

It wasn't something that I could ever pull off. The first board I had was a Powell Steve Steadham.

I loved it. It is kind of funny to look at now because that board is so much bigger than the boards of today and I used it totally for street skating and today it would be more like a ramp board. But I was very happy with it. That was a simpler time and I have some good memories of rides with friends after school. This was long before Salem had any skate park of any sort and now both Salem and Keizer have decent ones.

Piano Man - Billy Joel

This is probably the most well known of his hits. I think that some people are probably tired of it. I always enjoy it when it pops up. I once did a horrible karaoke version of this. I wish I could find the people in the bar and apologize to them for that.

It is a short post today folks. If I write anything else it is just going to be me trying to create something artificial to write about and that is something that I am trying not to do. So keep it real out there. Live in the moment, hug your friends and family and keep on dancing. 

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