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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday Night Bonus Post

Today was a good day. It was honestly. But this evening as I was getting ready to go down to the coffeehouse I could feel the gloom coming over me. I thought I would stop at Taqueria Marco's Place, otherwise, known as Marco's and have some fish tacos. Those always make me feel a little bit better. That seemed to work for a little while at least. That is except for the what I must assume were sorority girls, a gaggle of them, that chose to sit behind me and did not seem to be able to use their inside voices at all. I honestly did not care to have as much information about them as I do now. They were not being rude but they were being loud and that is a hard pet peeve for me to break.

My Sharona - Hammerfall

This is interesting, serious heavy metal band covering My Sharona by The Knack. They do a pretty good job with it. 

So I got done with my fish tacos and headed outside to the van. I was thinking I would head to the coffeehouse and have some coffee and do some writing and just chat with whomever was working. Well, the van wouldn't start. It sounded like it wanted to start. But it would do everything short of actually turning over. I made a couple of calls and tried again. Still nothing. So, I got out and popped open my hood and the actual owner of Marco's came over and "Everything okay, amigo?". I told him that I wasn't sure and he told me that anything I needed and if I needed to leave the van in the parking lot that was okay. I was totally surprised and thankful. Such a thing actually means a lot when you are in the midst of a situation like that.

Ya Ya - Lee Dorsey

A classic song from the American Graffiti soundtrack. One of the few decent films that George Lucas made. By that I mean the first three Star Wars films that were ever released and this one. That is it.

So I was feeling better after being told that I could leave the van there if I needed to and I decided to give it one more try and then call it quits. I stuck my hand in the car. I didn't even climb in. I just opened the door and reached in and turned the key and the car started. It just started right up. No chugging. No backfire. Nothing just turned over and started right up and begin to idle just fine. After all the previous hassle I very much felt a sense of relief but also I was a little unhappy because I felt like it wouldn't be smart to go to the coffee house and I was really craving a visit and some coffee. But, I did the smart thing and climbed in and headed back home. I am going to take the car into the shop tomorrow.

The Best of My Love - The Emotions

Another nice song from a film. This one is from Boogie Nights. A great movie and a great performance from Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I love the movie. 

So back home I go and back to my lair, my fortress of solitude, my sanctuary, my refuge. It is the place where there a no pants allowed and that makes it the best place in the world. Though for me, really anyplace where I don't have to wear pants is a good place. In fact, depending on how things go at the new job I may be making the transition to full time kilt wearer. I think my legs should be free from the tyranny of the trouser. My boys should be allowed to hang low and free and comfortably. I think true ball freedom is my basic birthright as an American. If the founding fathers did not die for my right to wear a kilt and be comfortable then I ask you what was the point of the fight for independence. Freedom for my balls means freedom for all.

Wharf Rat - Grateful Dead

Good stuff from the Dead. It is always good. 

Well, well, well. I actually feel better. Now I didn't really get into anything. But the gloom seems to have lifted. I suspect that I may have spent to much time alone today. That is a problem at times. I tend to live like a introvert but in reality based on my mood and how much whiskey I have had I am also at times very much an extrovert and I crave in depth and direct and intimate conversation. I want to make eye contact and reach out an physically touch the person and feel the connection between the two of us. I want to open my self up to them and have them do the same for me. I value that in a relationship and when it happens it is the best thing in the world as far as I am concerned. Such transparency is what I crave. Minimally this works as well even there is not the physical contact. Thanks for listening. It means a lot.

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