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Thursday, February 06, 2014


Good morning folks and welcome to what looks like is going to be a snowy Thursday. We shall see anyway. The snow has not began to fall where I am but often if we start getting snow than that means that there is a fair amount already at the higher elevations. So we shall see what happens. We have plenty of coffee in the house and that is all that really matter to me.

You Are The One - The Sugar Bears

I believe that this was a fake cartoon band that was created to see Sugar Bear cereal. But I like the song. Classic 70's pop.

Now that football season is over I am can look forward to football of a different sort or soccer as we call it in America. My beloved Portland Timbers have already started their preseason camp in Arizona and have played two early practice matches. One against KC and one against Houston. The team looked pretty good in both matches. They tied the first one and won the second one 2 to nil. The numbers do not really mean a lot but it is nice to see that they are putting the ball into the net and making some progress. The thing that I am looking forward to this year is that the team will have had a solid year under Porter and that gives me great hope that this will allow them to turn last seasons 14 or 15 draws into wins. So we shall see.

King of Comedy - REM

This is not my favorite REM song but I do not hate it. I am not sure about it. Because it kind of has grown on me but I like a more clear vocal track. 

Suffragette City - Seu Jorge

I usually do not like covers of songs done by the sainted one. David Bowie but this song and several great ones were done for the "Life Aquatic" and are in Portuguese and are amazing. The movie is great and so is the soundtrack but that is not a surprise as soundtracks are something that Wes Anderson does very well. 

I find it interesting the different ways that the people in Salem and the Valley react to snow or the threat of snow. The reactions seem to range from really, really giddiness to people almost angry at the snow for it daring to challenge them. But what I find almost more funny is the people who are almost angry at the weather forecasters on the news. These people pay far more attention than I ever have to a local news broadcast and when snow is predicted they are first on the scene to point out that no snow has fallen and how the forecasters are just guessing all of the time. Usually just post after post of this on Facebook.

Finally Falling - Victoria Justice

Teen pop from the Nickelodeon machine. I do not care because I like teen pop now and then. It gives a certain sunniness to life and I like that. 

But what really amuses me is that when the forecasters get it right and the snow is falling fast and heavy and deep these people never ever acknowledge that the forecaster has gotten it right. I am not an apologist for the forecasters, that is not the point. The point is that if you are constantly going to be making a big deal out of something and then you are proven wrong or they are proven right. Well it is okay to acknowledge that you were mistaken and maybe even apologize for the abuse you have been hurling upon them. Would it kill you to be generous? What benefit are you getting out of not acknowledging your mistake? None of us are perfect and it is gloriously freeing when you realize that you do not know everything. Speaking only for myself, when I realized that I do not know everything and that I do not need to know everything and that I do not need to be correct all of the time. Well, life just became better. It will not hurt you to admit that you do not know the answer to everything. Try it. Just admit it to yourself and you will be amazed at how free you soon feel.

Hope - Judas Priest

This song is from the Priest concept album 'Nostradamus'. It is a pretty good album and Rob Halfords voice is still strong after all these years. 

Row Jimmy - The Decembrists

This is, I believe, a cover of a Grateful Dead song and I like it a lot. but I like both The Decembrists and the Grateful Dead a lot. So listen to it. 

Have a good day folks. Snow or not and love your neighbor and yourself. Free Hugs for all and keep on dancing.

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