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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday Wedneaday

Good morning and my apologies for missing yesterday. There are times and usually it is I believe when the weather changes or I think more specifically when the pressure changes that I get very bad migraines and Tuesday morning was one of those. It was a rough one. I spent most of the morning lying in bed with a cover over my eyes. It makes me feel like Mrs Howell when I have one of those "episodes".

Rocky Road Blues - Bill Monroe

A classic from one of the fathers of Bluegrass. I discovered this man a year or so ago and I always enjoy his songs and his guitar and banjo stylings. I missed out on some good music for several years by not recognizing the musical quality of Bluegrass. It is good music. 

Today is a better day though. I woke up only slightly bleary eyed and feeling pretty good.

All of Me Loves All of You - Bay City Rollers

Oh you guys are in for a treat. The might Bay City Rollers are here to entertain you. Just give into the cheese and enjoy the music. Let it make your head bob and your toes tap. They are cheesy as hell but they certainly fun and one of the biggest pop groups to ever make it out of Scotland. 

I really am not feeling like I have much to say to you this morning. I am more interested in seeing what song pops up next on the player. Everything is coming to you today from the letter B. Though I am not sure why my music player puts the first name first when it alphabetizes. I guess it makes a little bit of sense for the band names but when it is just single name performers like Billy Joel and Ben Folds it feels kind of funny.              

Ballad - Edward op 10-1 Brahms

 Just love a lovely piece of piano music by Brahms. So nice

The Olympics are in full swing and I have only been able to see a little bit of Curling so far this time around. I was reminded as I watched a match yesterday about how much I enjoyed watching Curling the last winter Olympics. So that has been a plus but other then that I am not sure how I feel about the rest of the Olympic coverage. I want to feel like it has been less than stellar but it hasn't been horrible and I suspect that it may be more my problem than NBC or the Olympics themselves. I only like a few events and they just do not broadcast those events enough for me. I like Ice Hockey and Judo and Curling and really that is about it though do to child sports abuse I have an appreciation for Ice Skating. But that is the last I am going to say about that.

I'm A Cuckoo - Belle and Sebastian

This is a great song. I really am unable to say enough about this band. I like all that they do. 

My comments about "So I Married an Axe Murderer" caused a bit of a stir. It was as I suspected. There are people who have such fond memories of one or two stand out scenes in the film that their brain has forgotten all of the miserable fluff and video montages in between the funny bits and that my friends does not a good film make in any sense of the word. I enjoy a good montage as much as the next guy but there are times when it really is pretty sloppy storytelling and some directors will use this to pad a film. If done well the audience can totally miss it and just be caught up in the moment which is great but when done poorly it becomes glaringly obvious what is going on. Michael Bay is a good example of this kind of crap.

He's A Liar - The Bee Gees

The classic disco stylings of the Bee Gees. This is a good one even though it does has a disco back beat. I like the lyrics and it really is a great example of what was popular in the early 80's. This song came out in 1981 I believe. I like it though. Good stuff. 

That is going to be it for today. I hope today is a great one for you and despite the rain you are able to find some sunshine today either physically or emotionally. Do something that makes you happy even if for a short time. In my case I believe that I shall be listening to a lot of music today. That often does the trick for me when things are feeling kind of gloomy and gray. So Hug each other and keep on Dancing will you.

Sun In My Morning - The Bee Gees

Feel the emotion. Embrace the emotion and ride the storm through it and on the other side you will be the better for it. Trust me. 

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