Where Do My Readers Come From?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Finally Recovering

Hey folks...

I realize that I have not made an appearance on my blog in a little over a week and I wanted to apologize for that. You see things were going pretty well and then I got this flu that has been going around and it pretty much wiped me out. I do not usually get sick and if I do it is only for a day or two at most. But this thing pretty much laid me out. I didn't leave the house at all from last Thursday until a quick trip to the grocery store for my mother yesterday. I also missed my first two chances to see the Portland Timbers play this season. I am very thankful that they were pre-season matches and I should be healthy enough to see the rest of the matches.

So there you go. I hope to be back on track and doing my usual posts next week.  
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