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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Bonus Thursday Music

1: Didn't I (blow your mind this time) - The Delfonics: This one is from the soundtrack for 'Jackie Brown' which I think is a criminally underrated movie. I think it is so much better then the last three films Tarentino has made. But part of that is probably because the soundtrack is so good. I love the funk in it and this song is just amazing. So good. It is a total unashamed love song and it can really generate some good feels. So put on the headphones and give it a listen.

2: The Apl Song - The Black Eyed Peas: Oh boy, I didn't even realize that I had any Black Eyed Peas in my collection and this one isn't even one of their hits. I believe that a good chunk of this song is in Filipino. I can appreciate the  personal nature of this song and so that lets me enjoy it actually a little bit more then some of their other songs. Because I love it when an artist can be transparent. So I would have to say that I am enjoying this one even if I do not fully understand it. The video really shows how deep the song is and shows far more depth then I thought the Black Eyed Peas were capable of.

3: Sink The Pink - ACDC - Wow, that is an abrupt change from the touching nature of the last song. The kings of bad metaphors ACDC is rocking us with the subtly titled 'Sink The Pink'. I am pretty sure this song is about sex and drinking and partying and getting your rocks off. But I believe nearly every song by ACDC is about those things. That is what has made them so popular for so long. Why change a good model.

\m/ \m/

4: Alice Childress - Ben Folds Five - I do not need to say much about this man and his music. He affects me in a far deeper and emotional way then lots of the other music I listen to does. I am not sure why. But all I can say is that I love it and I love how authentic it is. I love how he is unafraid to wrestle with the hard questions and his understanding of the power of music.

5: Reverend Black Grape - Black Grape: This is a song that I just enjoy so much and was probably the biggest song off of their one album. It is NOT SAFE FOR WORK so put on some headphones. Their is a funkiness to this song that just make me bob my head and tap my feet. So good.

There you go folks. I hope you enjoy your special Thursday bonus edition.

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