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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Music Randomness

Hey folks, I am finally feeling a little bit better so how about we get back on the old music bandwagon and see what I can showcase for you today.

Queen - We Are The Champions. There is not not much to say about this song. I love it and I love this band.  This is not a song that I often track down to listen to, but when I hear it. I always enjoy it and having it be the first song is a great start to todays musical journey.

Queen - Stone Cold Crazy, Awesome this song is as close as one gets to Queen being heavy metel and I love it. This was also covered by Metallica and they did a pretty good job of it.

International Beat - Magical Feeling. Nothing brings a smile to my face like listening to a good ska tune and this is one of those. I love the way that good Ska makes me feel like dancing.

Hans Zimmer - Reunion - This one is from the Gladiator soundtrack and it is a song I enjoy but usually with my headphones on while I am just chilling in my room.

R. E. M. - King Of Birds. Such a good song and such a good band. Just listen to it and shut the hell up.

Catch you later folks
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