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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Random Music Thursday

and away we go

Two Legs - Mark Foggo - I always like starting things off with a little ska. It makes my toes tap and my head bob and brings a smile to my face. I just wish that ska was as popular as it used to be. But if it was really mainstream then, to be honest, I would probably not enjoy it that much. I am just that kind of a jerk.

No Restrictions - Men At Work - Aaah, one of Australia's great bands. They are for sure a product of the 80's but the music they put out was infinitely listenable. It was just great, great pop music but also had some serious lyrical depth as well. This song is a good example of that for sure.

Mount Morgan - The Middle East - I can't really say much about this band. I think I picked them up as part of a big music download I did and I really do not know much about them. I do like the ambient nature of this song and of their other songs that I have heard. But I am not even sure what part of the world they come from. I do hope you enjoyed the listening experience. They remind me a little bit of Joy Division and I like that a lot. I can picture myself clothing my eyes and leaning back with my headphones on while the music washes over me.

Wintertime Love - The Doors - There is not much that I can say about the Doors that has not been said by other far more talented writers then myself. I like the Doors and I their music always brings me back to high school. But that is because I spent far to much time with my ears plugged into sixties music.

Poor Boy - Electric Light Orchestra - You got to love some ELO. If you don't then I serious question if you even really like music. There is just something about this band that makes them super enjoyable to listen to.

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