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Monday, August 17, 2009

All TerRAIN Vehicle

Bear with me gentle readers because I am feeling pretty foggy today. It was a pretty mild weekend I played some games with good friends on Friday night and worked on Saturday and part of Sunday. I also managed to find some time in there to read and to play a little X-box. But I probably should have slept more. I went to bed last night around 10 pm but that seems to have not been enough sleep.

While the drive up was uneventful it was not without its little annoyances that is for sure. My first annoyance was the grey 15 seat passenger van that blew by me doing about 75. It is will within there rights to go 75 but all I could see in my mind was the van tipping over and sliding into a ditch. The next annoyance came just after the rest area before Wilsonville as a lady decided that she needed to drive 50 in a 65 and the traffic begun to stack up around her because she was in the middle lane. These two events and a few minor ones all make me realize how much I enjoy riding the train.

I am sitting her typing this and listening to the hum of the rails. The low murmur of the passengers around me serve to as almost a hypnotic device. A sonar sleep machine. I feel the calm sweep over me as I look at the countryside. The evergreens all green the rolling brown hills dotted here and there with houses and powerlines. There are different industries that we pass and we roll along. I am unable to describe them because I am not sure what they do. Nevertheless I do find them interesting.

There are ponds that we pass and some almost swampy areas. All in all it makes for a relaxing morning. Our first stop is Tualatin and more of the regulars get on. But, there is a twist today because a new girl is sitting in one the regulars normal seats. I am looking forward to the regulars double take as they enter the train. It will be interesting to see if they stutter step or if they smoothly move to a new seat. Here we go...............Oh will the regulars are not here!! I hate when I am surprised. But that is the way it goes sometimes.

Maybe tomorrow there will be some excitement. I can only hope.

Two Tracks.
Multiple Stops.
Various Destinations.
Forward we roll. Ever onward.
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