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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

International Train Trip

I heard something interesting on the radio this morning as I was driving to the train station in Wilsonville. It seems that Amtrak has added another train up the I-5 to Vancouver BC. I am pretty excited about this. One reason is that I would like to take a trip on the train to Vancouver but the other is that the Winter Olympics are in 2010. I am hoping that my wife and I can make it to just one thing up there.

I remember as a child in the early 80's when the Olympics were in Los Angles and running around that summer wth my brother and two friend reenacting the events. The torch actually came through Salem and one of my friends who was the Boy and Girls Club boy of the year actually got to carry the torch for a short distance. I rode my bike along with him for awhile. In the days of pre 9-11 security was pretty lax.

I rarely dwell on the past. It has happened it is over and we are living in the present. Sure there are things to remember and it is good to know why things were done the way they were. But, it is nice at times to think back about those summers and the bike rides and the crawdad hunts.

I think I led a pretty idealic life style spending a fair amount of time alone reading and riding my bike to the library to devour the latest book. I still read a fair amount to this day. I had been reading beyond my grade level for several years and I really begin to love fiction and Sci-fi and Fantasy. Along with that I also really enjoyed Louis La'mour westerns. I have read and reread many of his books over the years my favorite being the Sackett Chronciles. I just really enjoy those books.

Which is another reason for me to enjoy the train. In the mornings I blog and share my thought with my glorius five readers and thank you for your support by the way. But in the afternoon on my way home I read. I really like the time of just reading and not having to worry about traffic or anything else. The chair is comfortable and the temp is nice. I just hope it continues for awhile.

Today is a first I have been writing steadliy all the way into Tualitin. This is the first time I have ever done that. There are less people in Tualitin today. I think only three people got on. Last night on the was home there were about 60 people on the train. So that was kind of neat. It really seems like the ridership is picking up. I am hoping I can ride it during the winter time.
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