Where Do My Readers Come From?

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Ahhh I am back on the train. I had to drive yesterday because I had some running around to do after work and I really missed the train. I missed being able to relax as well as being able to write for a little bit. So, I am glad to be back sitting on the train and blogging about my feelings.

Today is going to be a little different. It is cloudy outside and they have the lights on in the train. They may have had them on before but it was so sunny I didn't really notice. I am noticing today. It is bright in here. The heat also seems to be on which is new as well. The lights and the heat and the wireless all just add credence to my opinion that only ladies and gentleman ride the train.

How and why would anyone other then a gentleman or a lady choose to relax in such splendor. In fact the only way to make this be a more gentlemanly experience would be for there to be a domed smoking car. Or perhaps a car with a rooftop deck so that we could shoot buffalo as we sailed down the tracks. Ahh the fading pleasures of a more civilized time.

I can picture my self standing atop the train car sipping my scotch and soda and smoking my pipe as my man servant loads my springfield. "Thank you Chesterfield." I say as I take my weapon of choice from him and brace myself for the shot. I sway slightly feeling the motion of the car and take that into account as one must when shooting from atop a train car. There is a slight pressure on my shoulder as I tighten my grip and begun to squeaze the trigger *snick* the springfield bucks as the bufallo in my sights falls. "Ah, another falls before me." With a grin I hand Chesterfield my rifle and head down to the dining car as the other gentleman around me congratulate me on my amazing shot. "It was nothing."

That my friends that is how a gentleman lives.
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