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Monday, August 24, 2009

Gun Control is Using Both Hands??

I had an interesting debate yesterday with a gentleman about guns. Not whether or not guns were needed or not needed. But, whether it was appropriate to carry guns to a political townhall meeting.. Undrstand me. I am not anti gun. My wife and I own three guns, one shotgun, and two pistols. So I o wn guns I have fired guns and I understand why people enjoy guns.

I totally understand that people were will within their rights to bring their guns. New Hampshire is an open carry state and it is perfectly legal to carry a gun exposed on your person. I also believe Arizona is as well. But for me the question is what were the reasons behind the gun show. Were they carried as an example of the freedoms that (arguably) the constitution gives us? Was it an example of states rights vs federal control? Or was it just a form of non verbal intimidation?

The person I was debating with was contending that upwards of thirty shots a night are fired in places like New York and St Louis and other major cities. Because of that it is appropriate for people to walk around armed. I do not have that much of a problem with that my problem is the need to carry a gun to a political event. Even more so an event that the President of the United States is at. I am not sure that I would have brought my gun even if I was well within my rights to do so. I am not saying I would forbid someone to bring theirs I just think that it was a poor choice,

I think it was done more out of an attempt to intimidate then to have or cause a reasonable conversation about the health care issue. Thoughts? Lets talk about it. But, please leave your guns with the bartender. I am at the table by the piano player.
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