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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

John Col"Trane"

The sky is grey this morning. I like it. I am able to see my computer screen better. Is that sad? Should I be mourning the loss of the Sun today? I am sure the Sun will return and it will most likely return later this morning. I can see some blue sky peaking out over the horizon to the east so I am sure it will make an appearance.

I like a cold morning. I like a cold grey morning actually with a slight breeze. To me this says morning, this says that the weather cooled down last night and is starting fresh. I absolutly hate waking up to the same tempreture as it was when i went to bed. There is nothing refreshing about that to me. I would sleep with the window open year round if I could. I should say all winter if I could. In the summer I would rather have the air conditioning running.

Two winters ago I was in Vancouver B.C. for a model united nations conference. The conference itself was particularly uneventful other then the fact that we were there in Jan and that there was still snow on the ground in Vancouver. I was sharing the room with two fellas and I requested to sleep in front of the sliding glass door. Well sure that was fine with them.

But, the joke was on them. I slid open the door and slept blissfully in the freezing breeze that blew through the door. At one point I woke up and looked over at the fellow in the next bed. He was sleeping in a full sweatsuit with his hood tied up around his head. Haha It was one of the best sleeps I had ever had.

I love the cold.
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