Where Do My Readers Come From?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The weather talk has already begun. It is supposed to be in the high 90's today. Since I have been riding the train and the air conditioning has been fixed in my car I do not worry to much about the weather. I am able to relax and feel the cold air blow upon and that is really all I need.

Today there is a new person sitting in one of the regulars seats. He is youngish probably early twenties or late teens. He is wearing mustard color cargo shorts with a pair of white adidas and a black black zip up top. What I am finding amusing is that I do not know him. I have never seen him before and I probably will never see him again. But, he has a Boston Redsox hat on and I want to punch him in the face for wearing it.

Is that so wrong? Should I be so upset about someones choice of clothing? He may not even be a baseball fan. If he were wearing a Yankees hat I would not be as upset. In fact it isn't the team that bothers me. I think it is the people in Boston. The strange thing is that I have never met anyone from Boston. My only impression of them is from movies and televison and I really liked "Cheers". That was set in Boston wasn't it? Oh! Maybe it is due to "Good Will Hunting"?

I hated that movie. The sad thing is I like Matt Damon but I dislike Ben Affleck. Again for no reason. But since I feel that way and nothing that I do is irrational in fact I do everything based on logic and reason. There must be good valid reason for my dislike of Boston I have just not discovered it.

I mean those who know me know that I am a calm and rational person not controlled by my emotion. In fact I control my emotion. I am truly a being of logic and reason. I am Spock like in my rigid self control

I am like a leaf on the wind.
Watch how I fly.

I still think people from Boston and the city of Boston are dumb!! How bout them apples!!
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