Where Do My Readers Come From?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Film Friday

I have tried and tried over and over again to stick to some sort of thematic structure in this blog and most of the attempts have been an epic failure. So in yet another attempt I am going to make Friday a day where I write about films that I enjoy.

I imagine that my analysis will be very in depth and full of high level academic thought as I break down all of the nuances behind some of yours and mines favorite films. I imagine that we will discuss the political ramifications of different films as well as there effect on popular culture and the world at large. I will shine a light on the dark subtext of films that the dirty communists are using to manipulate our youth and using to bring down and destroy the values that we hold dear as Americans!!!!

(Sorry, I blacked out for a second.) This will not be happening today as I appear to be getting a migraine. But next week for sure.
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