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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Webpost Wednesday

Today is Wednesday and I am going to use Wednesday to throw up some links to things around the internet that I have found interesting. Or perhaps articles I like or something else. It is going to be pretty random but that is the plan anyway. That being said I am having a hard time today finding something that I think is interesting or even blogworthy. Ha!! That word reminds me of the old 'Seinfeld' where Elaine was trying to decide if guys were "sponge-worthy". I loved that show.

I do not get much chance to watch reruns of it anymore but when I do stumble across it I always find it very funny. I think I would put it into my top 10 television comedies of all time. Lets see off of the top of my head I think this is my list

1: Arrested Development Only three glorious seasons but I loved and continue to love every minute of it. I feel like it was a show that you had to pay attention to and were rewarded when you did just that. It was humor on a complete different level.

2: Mr Show This is another show that seemed to operate on a different level from what was on television. By being on HBO it allowed them to have a lot more freedom that other shows which does make a difference that is for sure.

3: The Ben Stiller Show This show only lasted one season but what an amazing season it was. If you can track this down on Netflix I highly recommend it. Or if you know me and ask nicely I may let you borrow my copy of it. There are skits from this show that are still being stolen and re-used by other television shows even today.

4: The Office The (ahem) British version. I hate to sound like a comedy snob. But, I may as well own up to the truth of who I am and in some cases I am very much a snob and the three epic seasons are such good television. It is at times almost unbearable to watch but still so well done that you can't help yourself. But ultimately so touching that the series finale will bring a tear to your eye.

5: Seinfeld I already wrote a bit about this above. It isn't my favorite comedy of all time but it is up there on the list.

I am stopping at Top 5 because the Top 5 is all that really matter and besides I am a lazy so and so. Deal with it.

This song by Mumford and Sons called 'Awake My Soul" makes me weep at times. I just love their music and it also depresses me that I am unable to create the same kind of thing in my life. Which probably says a lot about me more then it does about them. Please give them a listen and feel yourself lifted up. You folks have a good day.
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