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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Terrible Tuesday

I think that from now on along with my other thematically structured days I am going to use Tuesdays as a day that I rant. This may involve a story that I have read that I did not care for or perhaps an issue in the world that has upset me. It could be something as weighty as world politics or as light and fluffy as why I do not care for black licorice. So without further ado the topic for today is.


Now it obviously isn't the hats themselves because why would I get that upset about a piece of clothing. It is the people who seem to be wearing the flat brimmed caps. I do have a problem as well with the style because of the functionality of it. When I wear a baseball cap it is most often because I have not showered that day and my hair is a mess so it keeps my hair out of my eyes and and keeps me looking not so goofy. But if I were to wear my cap with the brim pressed flat and tilted off to one side and tipped up what would the point be? What purpose would it serve? Is it for fashion? I do not think most of the guys that wear their hats this way would say they pay attention to fashion. They obviously do at some level because they are wearing clothes and affecting a style that they and their friends think is cool on some level.

That doesn't excuse them because I still do not understand how you look in the mirror and say "There we go. The hat is tilted just so and now I am ready to rock." It ranks up there with me or down there really on the same level as the guys that wear the popped collar on their shirt and wear two or three shirts. Granted, it was cool when Fonzie popped the collar on his leather jacket but who is cooler then Fonzie. Do not answer you can't because know one is.

Are you enjoying the afterglow that Fonzie was so gracious to give you? I do not think I can write anymore today. I am just going to sit and think about how cool Fonzie was. That man had it all figured out.
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