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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

I know that the title of the blog today is pretty generic but that was as clever as I feel capable of being this morning. I kind of enjoyed this process yesterday so



Boddingtons Pub Ale I love this beer. It just really works for me on so many levels. It is light and creamy and if I really wanted to I could drink it all day long. I have also enjoyed a pint or two of this at breakfast. Totally worth it.


Guinness. This is a beer that I can enjoy often and really never regret drinking. I have been told by those who have visited Ireland that it is even better over there. I hope one day to find out if that is true.

As I looked over the vast selection of beer out there and thought about my choices 3 through 5 I realized that the other beers do not really matter to me. Because unless I am really stuck somewhere that I can't have coffee or a diet cola beverage I will not order a beer that is not a Guinness or a Boddingtons. I used to brew my own and I feel like I made a couple of tasty ones but I also followed a recipe and used basically a kit to achieve that. I know a few people in the Salem area alone that make some amazing beers from scratch. The craft brewing industry has really taken off in the NW and I think it is one of the things that makes us a great place to live.

I have a friend (Not anybody any of you know) who recently moved to Colorado and they were telling me that the local beer was better in Colorado then in Oregon. Well I just had to laugh. I mean I was polite but come on. How can you even say such a thing? I think it comes down to more then just the amount of beer awards a state has won. The taste of beer is a personal thing and in my book nothing tops Oregon for that. I mean it even though I drink mainly English beer. But I am a snob.
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